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Danish porcelain, design and objects of art

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Various objects

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item no: 
332578 Greenland

Large soap stone figurine by artist Lorentz Josefsen
item no: 
330073 Svend Lindhart bronze

Do not hear figurine
item no: 
330074 Svend Lindhart bronze

Do not see figurine
item no: 
325724 Dahl Jensen

Bronze figurine - girl with goat
item no: 
323157 Amazing English Tantalus by Hampton & Sons from 1890-1910
item no: 
323154 High Quality English Tantalus with three decanters from 1890-1910
item no: 
321155 Complete set of wooden chess pieces from 1930-1960
item no: 
317538 Antique money box - dog from 1900
item no: 
317537 Antique money box - stork from 1900
item no: 
189577 Greenland art

Soapstone figurine, fantasy bird