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item no: 
291386 Blue Traditional with gold edge

Tea cup
item no: 
339477 Blue Flower Braided

Rare coffee cup
item no: 
339478 Blue Flower Braided

Rare cylinder shaped chocolate cup
item no: 
339468 Seagull with gold edge

Small vase with pierced border
item no: 
339476 Ejby

Green white wine glass
item no: 
339461 Blue Pheasants

Large tea pot
item no: 
339462 Large Royal Copenhagen figurine

item no: 
337221 Royal Copenhagen - Fog & Morup

Porcelain table lamp with astrological sign Aries decoration
item no: 
325075 White Cordial

item no: 
307802 Royal Copenhagen

Christmas lidded vase with angels from 1917
item no: 
207703 Royal Copenhagen

Large figurine, polar bear.
item no: 
172070 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Side plate 14.7 cm. #1088
item no: 
112547 Blue Fluted Half Lace

Large side plates 17 cm. #574
item no: 
147002 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Salad plates 20 cm. #1086
item no: 
131091 Blue Fluted Plain

Small dinner plate 23.5 cm. #176
item no: 
84068 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Small dinner plates 23.5 cm. #1085
item no: 
229407 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Large double lace plate / platter
item no: 
84067 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Dinner plates 25 cm. #1084
item no: 
108274 Blue Fluted Plain

Soup plates 23.5 cm. #167
item no: 
82809 Blue Fluted Half Lace

Salt- and Pebber shaker
item no: 
147005 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Candle Light Holder
item no: 
83799 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Small creamer
item no: 
250027 Seagull with gold edge

Small gravy boat
item no: 
213726 Blue Fluted Full Lace

Oblong dish
item no: 
339471 Louise

Coffeepot from 1907-1923