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Danish porcelain, design and objects of art

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Pictorial arts

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item no: 
242413 Painting from 1830-1880

Portrait of nobleman
item no: 
242419 Painting from 1900-1920

Cobber pot and glass
item no: 
323328 Otto P. Balle

Painting, landscape with blue sky from 1916
item no: 
323329 Carlo Hornung-Jensen

Painting, Danish landscape with farm
item no: 
299593 Small painting

Young Belgian or French soldier in uniform from 1870
item no: 
253816 Ole Olsen

Oblong paintings (overhoor paintings)
item no: 
246829 C. V. Stubbe Teglbjarg

Snow at Tranum Klit from 1957
item no: 
242416 Christian Andreas Schleisner painting

Boy with cab and lunch box from 1850-1880
item no: 
242417 Painting from 1880-1900

Portrait - woman in black dress
item no: 
117979 Old Danish poster

Welcome to Denmark
item no: 
91297 Russian painting

Farm wife with cow